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Marrakech Chez Ali fantasia show

Marrakech Chez Ali fantasia show

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Chez Ali [Fantasia Show]

Chez Ali

This is a magical  evening experience 10 miles outside of Marrakech City in a desert oasis situation. Chez Ali is like a story from ‘The Arabian Nights’ with a Castle, Moroccan Horsemen and traditional Berber People dancing and singing for your pleasure. You are invited to have dinner in any one of a number of ‘Caidal style tents’. Your meal is a choice of four different dishes including seasonal fruits, couscous with locally grown vegetables, tagine and delicious  Moroccan Pastries and Mint Tea.

After your meal we go outside to enjoy the evening’s entertainment. There are acrobats ,fireworks and of course, the famous Moroccan Horsemen demonstrating their skills on horseback. Sometimes there is even a ‘magic carpet’. This is a wonderful insight into the culture, traditions and cuisine of Morocco.

The delicious local cuisine offers a sumptuous meal of either chicken tajine with lemon, skewer meat, meat tajin with prunes or half a Méchoui. All meal choices begin with a starter of Moroccan Hariri.

When you seat down for your meal you will be placed on cabaret seating tables under a caidal tent. The entire dining area is lavishly draped in Moroccan curtains, gold table cloths and traditional carpets. A waiter service brings your meal to the table and you can order drink from here too.

As you enjoy the delicious cuisine of Morocco you can purchase drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) from the bar, which will be served to you at your table. The cost of this excursion includes the ticket price to get into the show.

During the show you will see real Berber villagers entertaining with music, dance and horseback riding. There will be a team of acrobats performing and a firework display to accompany the action of the show.

The Chez Ali Dinner ends around midnight and your driver will take you back to your hotel around then. The entire evening will be one you’ll remember for a long time and features folklore of the local Berber village people all of which is set in the Marrakech Palmieri, about 10 miles outside the city centre.

The Chez Ali Fantasia Dinner and Show is a fascinating insight into local culture and cuisine. You will certainly know you are in Morocco after this outstanding evening dinner and performance. The evening is full of colour, sound, action and local customs and a perfect opportunity to take along the camera.  Day Excursion Marrakech.

The evening ends around midnight where the driver will take you back to Marrakech.





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